Beijing Zehua Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. (“Zehua” or “the Company”), with a total registered capital of RMB50 million, is a Sino-US joint venture established by Tsinghua Holdings Co., Ltd. in 1995s. Zehua is headquartered in a state-level high-tech industrial park in Beijing. It has three wholly-owned subsidiaries, AMT International, Inc located in the United States, Zehua Tower Service BV (ZTS) located in the Netherlands, and Zehua ChemTec in China, two branches in Shanghai and Guangzhou, three holding subsidiaries (i.e., Fushun Zehua Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd., Wuxi Huacheng Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Haixin Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd.), and one liaison office in Urumqi. Now the Company has more than 200 employees, among whom, over 80% hold bachelor’s or higher degrees, and over 60% hold middle or senior technical titles.

● In March 1995, Zehua was founded in Beijing, holding by Tsinghua Holdings Co., Ltd..

● In 2013, Zehua wholly acquired the US-based AMT International, Inc. (“AMT”). And in 2015, Zehua Tower Service BV was founded In the Netherlands.

● The largest domestic supplier of column internals, the member of US FRI.

● Hundreds of domestic and foreign patents in mass transfer equipment and technology, 29 trademarks.

● High-performance column internal technology such as ADV® tray, Sepak® structured packing, Sepring® / MSR® random packing, etc.

● Strong capabilities in process package development and technology design.

● General agent of US AFTON in China.

● National high-tech enterprise.

● One of Beijing 100 innovative pilot enterprises.

● One of Zhongguancun 1000 engineering companies.

● China top 100 chemical equipment enterprises, the first one in top ten China internal supplier.

● The first domestic column internal supplier designed 4-pass tray in industrial application.

● The first domestic column internal supplier designed 3-pass tray in industrial application.

● Column internal designer and supplier for Atmospheric column of the first domestic 10 million tons/year Refinery unit in 2004.

● Column internal designer and supplier for main fractionator of the first domestic super FCC unit.

● The first domestic column internal supplier applied structured packing technology to Atmospheric column.

●The first domestic column internal supplier applied structured packing technology to FCC main fractionator.

Engineers, senior engineers and experts with a variety of professional backgrounds build a strong technical team, engaging in process development, equipment development, process design, engineering design, field service and other technical work. Meanwhile, we maintain close partnership with Tsinghua University and other research institutions. All these work in industrial design, technical support and other work contribute to our ten years’ practical experience.